Economic Development

Economic Development is something Im passionate about.  Growth is good if done correctly.  My goal is to grow in a hyper-local and charming fashion.  Economic development can be defined as investment in growing your economy and enhancing the prosperity and quality of life for all residents. I believe the biggest statement is “quality of life for all.”  This would be be my focus in regards to Economic Development. 

There are several current issues that highly affect our economic development.

1) Development Code Rewrite – Its good news that some things are going to change in our citys development code.  There are numerous accounts of local people wanting to place businesses in our city or renovate a current business and they give up in frustration when dealing with the current codes.  A development code is important so that our city maintains its charm however, we must do it in a business friendly way breaking down barriers of entry.

2)  Lock and Dam – We must preserve our water pool at 114.5 feet as we are South Carolinas riverfront.  It would be tragic to lose that tag line.  

3) Riverside Village/Project Jackson – Lastly another important component is Riverside Village also known as Project Jackson.  Like it or not, its here so we should help to make it a huge success for our city.  Its my goal to make sure these developments continue to enhance the quality of life of our citizens and business owners.  I will help ensure communication on budgets and city spending is clear and accessible.


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