Downtown Greeneway

The Downtown Greenway is a very important part of revitalizing our city and enhancing the quality of life of our residents. By connecting the Greeneway into downtown we will extend the same live, work, play mindset that is taking place at Riverside Village.

As a retail business owner, I understand the importance of what more foot traffic means to my business. We have so many people already walking, riding, and running the Greeneway; if we bring it into downtown, more new businesses will be encouraged to open and existing businesses will be rewarded. These businesses will be rewarded because they will see an increase in foot traffic which is important to the success of any business.

The Greeneway connecting to downtown will provide opportunity for fun community events for all ages; such as a downtown Saturday market or other types of festival events.  

I cannot wait to have a Saturday market where I can go out of my front door and walk my family into downtown to experience a time to shop for fresh vegetables or see friends while sipping a hot coffee from a local shop like Sheilas Bakery.

The rebuilding of the 13th street bridge exciting part of this connectivity plan.  The bridge was a key part of the founding of North Augusta by James U. Jackson; he knew the importance of bringing traffic from Augusta to increase commerce in our community.  Today, we need to embrace that history by not just a simple but an iconic looking bridge as people travel into North Augusta.This improvement will also provide a safer, well lit pedestrian path onto our Greeneway giving people the ability to connect to our downtown. 

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