Communication: Clear communication is always a key to success. Its one of marriages most important factors and its also one of the biggest factors in which we can improve our city.  

We need better communication tools for our citizens and visitors alike.  We can achieve this with an improved city website, improved social media platforms, citizen newsletters, and more face time with elected officials.  

Improved City Website: The city website is alright but its time for an upgrade. It needs to be easier for citizens to use and one that supports our local businesses and events. We need a website that connects the community with the city, a website where you can find information on upcoming city meetings but also find where our parks, shops, and restaurants are located.  

As the founder of the Palmetto Peach Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k, which in 2019 brought 1,500 people from 29 different states to our city, I am constantly being asked where to stay and where to eat. I would love to be able to link the city of North Augustas website to these people. Greenvilles city website is a good example of community and city connectivity. I would like to encourage city leaders to find a similar platform.

Improved Social Media: Social media has become a great tool for people to find general information. Id like to see the city social media sites centralize. It would be great if content highlighted city business but also focused on supporting Things to do in North Augusta.’ Many cities have fun hashtags now; lets create one for North Augusta!

My family and I travel to Hendersonville, NC often. On our last visit I was stumbling to find things to do. I went on the Downtown Hendersonville Facebook page and was able to find every event happening in the area, links to newsletters, encouragement to visit local shops, and more. This is what Id like to see for our city!

Newsletters to Citizens: Lets restart newsletters to citizens! These can be delivered via email, physical mail, or posted digitally.  

Time with Council: Its hard to make/create change if voices cannot be heard. We need more time and access to elected officials.  Another key to communication is listening. I would love to hear ideas our citizens have about improving our city! Whether the issue is wanting a speed bump or expressing concern over a new development, I would love to hear your voice!

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